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Happy Sunday afternoon guys - I’m back to blogging mode after a long time, and ended up creating a Sunday motivation post once again, but since it'd perhaps be counted as promotional, i'm not sharing link and here's the gist

I’ve seen enough dirt in blogosphere, with people posting wrong screenshots, claiming too much of “pro status”, seeking eyeballs, and in the end, just making a few bucks selling shitty courses and e-book, but I wanted to share the transformation I’ve gone through over past 10+ years, and 6 mistakes of my life and life lessons from 2006 to 2017 (and every passing day is a new learning of course).

Lesson 1: Work on achieving your dreams, otherwise someone else will hire you to help them achieve theirs!

Lesson 2: Depending too much upon 1 source, especially organic Google traffic & Adsense!

Lesson 3: Depending upon only client servicing projects for cash flow.

Lesson 4: Don’t Trust Partners Blindly, Especially Countries Where You Need to Give 51% Holding

Lesson 5: Take things in your hands & build one thing at a time rather than messing around with 10 simultaneously!

Lesson 6: Spend on Growing your income until you’ve $1M in your bank.

Myth About Paid Training

The real hustlers are busy building their empire and don't have time for Tweeting #Hustle, and uploading shit on Facebook. On the other hand, i still see many people still struggling to impress others and selling courses - I don't want to take any names here, but the math is simple - if someone claims to make $100k a month, he's making like $3k+ a day working for probably 10 hours, so lets do the basic math

1 hour = $300
10 hours = $3000
50 hours (1 week) = $15k

Now why would such a person think of NOT scaling $100k to $200k and spend petty time on running FB engagement ads, and launch courses - it's a no-brainer - he once made lot of money, and now he doesn't... anymore... so he's down to selling courses, and sadly when his current tactics aren't working for him, it's again a no-brainer that they cant and mostly wont work for you. If you want to learn from his experiences, it's a good idea, but if you wanna' learn what's working in the market, such people are possibly the worst possible options, not to mention those so-called Digital Marketing Academies that have literally flooded the off-line markets, and they're literally just too many of them out there.

If you ask me honestly, I'd NEVER share my secret that's giving me $10k+ a month, even for a $1000/hour session, let alone sharing anything that fetches me $100k+, and it's a no-brainer - I just don't know why people don't get this!

Most-Importantly: Do What Makes You Happy!

I met lots of new bloggers over past 6 months, I tried to tell them, just try and work on something, which you can pursue for next 10 years (like cars are passion for me) and success will follow slowly but surely (it took me 11 months to see my first $100) and many of the folks have been a part of this journey, and started tasting success, and i’m really happy to see that.

And, I still see depressed people, who are trying so hard to follow others, and are surrounded by people with wrong mindset, and the bitter truth is that they’ll not be able to progress quickly due to all the negativity around them.

Biggest Lesson of My Life: DON’T listen to those who don’t know shit about what you’re doing, be it your parents, teachers, or near and dear ones – take advice only from those who’ve been there and done that!

I mean I love my family, and I’d do anything for them, but probably never take advice on building an affiliate empire or anything they’re not competent with. If you’re stuck with a negative environment around you, then simply change the place, break the shackles.

Writing makes me happy, constantly travelling gives me opportunity to network with new people and learn something new each month, and building online businesses gives me the flexibility to work from any corner of the world, and buying a new car/bike every year gives me the kick to progress ahead – so I’d say do whatever makes you feel happy from within, and stop chasing what others are doing!

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